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Blinds And Shades

Roller Shades

Formed by a cloth canvas, either black out, translucent or semi translucent, with a tubular mechanism, easy to operate. Due to its flat design, it creates a clean and light image of the area where it is placed. Helps to avoid the accumulation of dust. The drive can be manual or motorized.

Dual Sheer Shades

Avant-garde and elegant. Its functional design allows easy handling and care. Perfect for areas where lighting is required; allows visibility, as well as privacy. Composed of a combination of transparent and opaque fabrics, they give the flexibility to achieve transparency or privacy according to the need of the moment. The drive can be manual or motorized.

Panel Line

Made of cloth panels that slide on discrete aluminum rails. Available in a wide collection of fabrics that offer different levels of privacy and provide efficiency in solar control.


The best option if what you are looking for is originality and innovation. It offers the highest quality and technology, combining the softness of sheer with the functionality of a horizontal blind. Made with beautiful strips of a firm polyester fabric, floating between two layers of soft sheer, offers a dim control of light and transparency to the outside. The complete closure of the planks offers privacy and a degree of darkness depending on the type of fabric chosen. The Shangri-la curtains give total privacy, but not darkness. The drive can be manual or motorized.

Horizontal Blinds

The blinds are a traditional product, highly functional and practical. Composed of sheets in horizontal position that are connected to sophisticated mechanisms that allow to adjust their position, controlling the light input and the privacy level of the environments. Can be made in wood, PVC and aluminum.

Vertical Blinds

It is an ideal alternative to cover floor to ceiling windows with great ease. It offers alternatives in terms of mechanisms, materials, color and texture, thus becoming the only product of its differentiated and reliable type, with an efficient control of light input. Can be made in fabric or PVC.

Roman Shades

It is constituted by a cloth canvas divided into planks. It adapts to both classic and contemporary spaces. Its simple, impeccable and elegant design can be combined with a wide variety of fabrics and colors. The drive can be manual or motorized.

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